Tailored Business Strategy and Operations Consulting

Your business functions at peak capacity when your procedures, supporting technologies and team members running your day-to-day operations work in concert to achieve the end goals of your master strategy. Activating change through strategy and operations projects transforms ingrained processes and technologies resistant to change. Chrysalis Global strategy and operations consulting services assist in the difficult analysis, redesign and implementation of new strategic operations in your business.

Employ strategy and operations experts to assist with your high-profile projects. Don’t walk alone.

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Our Strategy and Operations Consulting Services

Our approach to changing your business strategy and operations is designed to divide the effort into manageable pieces. For each project, we work hand-in-hand with your team to define your new strategy and make it easy to keep operations up-to-date moving forward. Starting with your current strategy or a blank sheet, we map, document and finalize your new strategy and operating procedures as well as provide training to team members key to your company’s success. We show you how to own your new processes and create consistency in internal documentation and training.

Corporate Strategy

Leadership and industry changes lead to changes to your corporate strategy. We offer strategic consulting services to identify opportunities for growth, define new goals and implement operational change across your company.

Mergers and Separations

Mergers require businesses coming together to set aside their current strategic goals and define new ones for the company. Standard operating procedures also change to meet those new goals. We ensure that when your companies come together, you have a strategy you can implement on day one.

We also work with companies in separation, assisting in splitting data, systems and processes for continued business operations with little disruption.

Supply Chain Operations

Supply chain operations utilize complex processes and enterprise-wide technologies. We offer consulting services to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency for your supply chain that improve your entire business.