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Your business projects range from full-scale facility activations to complex system integrations in specific departmental silos. Maximize the return on your most important projects by meeting budget, due dates and performance improvement targets with the help of Chrysalis Global. Our project management consulting team provides comprehensive program consulting services, no matter the size or complexity of your project.

Meet project milestones on time and on budget. Don’t walk alone.

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Program and project management consultants simplify your business projects.

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Our Project Management Process

Our methodology for managing projects starts at the initial planning phase with your key stakeholders. Together, we develop the business case for implementing your project. Then, we move through our project management process, monitoring and reporting on milestones through program closure – from milestone planning and scope of work to breaking down and assigning tasks. Our process is proven, but we know unique projects require custom strategies and tactics. Our team of highly specialized project management consultants understand your unique business programs and manage your projects with the hands-on, tailored engagement your business warrants.

Facility Activation and Transition Management

Managing the activation of a new facility can be overwhelming, especially when it is in addition to your full-time, day-to-day responsibilities. We provide project management for new facility activation and transition so you can focus on your business with the knowledge that Chrysalis Global walks with you.

Team Project Management

People play an important role in project management, from individual tasks to self-directed working groups. We build and nurture your internal project team and provide them with the tools and skills they need to keep your program running after project completion.

Database Project Management

Updating internal software often requires changes to data collection and recording. We assist your team by loading old data into the new technology and developing new procedures for moving forward.

Selecting Project Management Software

Your day-to-day operations benefit from day-to-day project management software, whether for scheduling tasks, resources and people or for monitoring costs and billing. We provide software selection and implementation consulting services to find the right program for your business.

Project Analysis

Successful projects report milestones. We analyze project requirements from the initial planning phase against stakeholder and value analysis, ensuring your project meets expectations upon closure.