Process and Technology Optimization Made Simple

For your organization to function at peak capacity, consideration must be given to process and technology optimization solutions. Process and technology work in concert with your business and should not be viewed independently. Chrysalis Global provides assistance in the analysis, redesign and improvement of business processes. Starting with an existing process description or a blank sheet, we leverage our deep experience to identify and implement recommendations that result in measurable, significant and sustainable improvements.

Use proven methodology for your next optimization project. Don’t walk alone.

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Experienced Process and Technology Strategy Consultants

Our approach to process and technology optimization is designed to divide the effort into manageable chunks, facilitate process ownership, lend internal consistency to documentation and make the ongoing task of keeping processes current much simpler.

Existing Process Assessment

We work with you and your leadership team to ensure that current processes, both formal and informal, documented and undocumented, are identified and analyzed. We then make recommendations surrounding these existing processes to ensure that success occurs and your entire organization runs on all cylinders.

Process Catalog

We launch our process and technology optimization effort according to the following steps:

  • Interview stakeholders and facilitate working groups to identify a list of core and supporting business processes
  • Prioritize processes to develop a priority list
  • Catalog processes and assign an intelligent and sequential numbering system for easy reference
  • Create a process template according to your business’s style standards
  • Designate process owners and input/output processes, where applicable
  • Recommend long-term process storage, access and maintenance

Map, Document and Formalize Processes

Training, documentation and support are vital to the success of any project. We will map, document and formalize your revised processes, provide training and apply change management techniques to support all team members who, in the end, are key to your business’s success or failure.

Implementation Management

The last step of your process and technology optimization project is to implement the new procedure or technology. We provide hands-on, boots-on-the-ground support in implementing your solution and training staff to use it.

At the end of the day, you get a complete process and technology solution for your business. And not to worry… Chrysalis Global is not aligned with any provider of hardware, software or infrastructure. This independence ensures that the chosen technology is the best fit for you.