New Facility Activation, Limited Downtime

Your new facility activation project inevitably causes changes to long-held procedures and familiar technologies. Put simply, we know it’s more than just a change of scenery. A successful facility activation and transition plan considers the impact of change to staff, processes and technologies, and provides support to each area of your business to ensure as little downtime as possible.

Make your facility activation or transition seamless. Don’t walk alone.

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Facility Activation, From Design to Day One

Facility activation projects work best when Chrysalis Global is involved during the design phase, before the first shovel of dirt turns. Before beginning your activation, we identify challenges associated with the new facility and develop risk mitigation strategies. We manage your facility activation from design to move-in day, ensuring nothing gets left behind.

Risk Identification and Mitigation

A well-managed facility activation effort ensures that no important detail is overlooked and that the success of the opening isn’t jeopardized by unseen challenges. We identify risks to your project and mitigate them before they have a chance to cause problems.

Gap and Issue Resolution

Errors occur at the intersection of key project elements, called “touchpoints.” We bridge the gap between these touchpoints early in the project to avoid costly change orders down the road.

Contingency Planning

Nothing is failsafe. Proper planning prevents problems from turning into serious obstacles to success. We plan for our plans.

Asset Capture and Disposition

A new facility means new assets. We manage the integration of old and new assets and dispose of any that no longer serve your business.

Operational Testing and Simulation

Botched technology and process transfers during a new facility activation project threaten your opening. From component and software testing to full-scale simulations, we work to prevent technology and procedures from failing.

Tenant Management

Moving people is as difficult as moving equipment. From tenant occupancy manuals to new facility orientation, we ensure your people understand the transition and feel right at home.

Physical Move

You don’t move alone. We coordinate the physical move of people, equipment and technology from your old facility to the new.

Training, Documentation and Post-Opening Support

New facilities mean new equipment, upgraded technology and new operating procedures. From fire drills to ERP implementation, we author custom training programs for your new facility activation. Once it’s up and running, we continue support and optimization through your post-opening activities.