Unbiased ERP Selection and Onsite Implementation

Your business underwent impressive growth over the last few years. Or an event occurred that created a need for operational changes. Perhaps you built a new facility that needed technology reintegrated. Sound familiar? Now you need an enterprise resource planning solution to fit your changing business. Chrysalis Global assists with ERP selection and implementation projects for businesses outgrowing current solutions. We’re not affiliated with any particular system, so we approach your need without bias to find the software solution that best fits your business.

Minimize risk when selecting and implementing ERP software. Don’t walk alone.

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Our ERP Selection Process

Before beginning your ERP selection and implementation project, we work with your business’ key stakeholders to identify gaps in your current system – whether they’re in accounting, procurement or human resources. We manage the process cradle-to-grave and provide functional and technical support through go-live and beyond.

RFP Process

We prepare the request for proposal and distribute to vendors that provide software to fill the gaps in your current system.

ERP Selection

Your business needs unbiased ERP selection consultants. We research and review the best software solutions available and find the one that best fits your business. From vendor demonstrations to contract negotiation, we’re your partner.

ERP Implementation

Upgrading to a fully functioning ERP system poses risks to the day-to-day operations of your business as well as to your data. We manage those risks throughout the implementation, ensuring your system activates seamlessly.

Extract-Transform-Load (ETL)

We extract data from your old system, update it to the new system’s format and load it to your new ERP software without loss of data and free from disruption.

Training, Documentation and Support

Alongside your ERP selection and implementation, we document all new procedures and use it to train staff to navigate your new system. We author the training documentation and test it with your employees. We’re there with you providing support through the entire project.